Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Visit to Hamptons Court Palace


Am attaching some snaps taken during a visit to the Hampton's Court Palace, one of the royal palaces of England. Thankfully this was a bright sunny day before we were unleashed with the current chilly spell.

Unfortunately this is my first attempt at uploading snaps on this blog and must admit I am still technologically not savvy and took some time to get used to this.

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Battersea Park Childrens zoo, in the Rain and in the cold

Finally after a couple of months on inactivity the Sepia Set go out for another day of photography. Let's just check the weather- Overcast......Wet.........Cold ......... Yep same as usual.

This time we had some friends with us from Delhi so this was a new experience for them as Delhi is not Overcast, wet or cold.

So we set off...straight for the coffee shop – did I mention the weather? Then fully caffeined up we go in search of BD – we eventually found him in the cage with the bears – see earlier blog. We then realised that we had forgotten something we were going to a children’s zoo with no children! Too late now and as we are a bunch of big kids did it matter anyway. So in we went.

The zoo had the usual victims waiting to be terrorised by over- enthusiastic youngsters – Pigs, donkeys, goats –it all made Jitesh quite homesick – rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Plus the standard empty cages which seem to exist in every zoo. The ferrets were nowhere to be seen – probably because it was cold.

Then on to the more exotic animals and more photo opportunities. BD seemed worried that the glass plates in his DSLR might be over exposed (by the overcast sky).

So what did we see...

Emus – with Dennis Healey’s eyebrows

Sensible Meerkats – keeping warm under a lamp......Simple!

Nosey Meerkat wondering where the other boot was

Inquisitive Meerkat (Alexander) searching for the other boot

Nosey Coatis

A Ring Tailed Lemur

And finally a mouse hiding warm and cosey in the other boot hoping that the meerkats don’t find him. FYI - the other photos of mice were censored, they were also busy keeping warm.

On one side of the zoo was this birthday brick wall making a colourful montage.

After the zoo we walked up to Sloane square for lunch in the Queens Head – full of Japanese tourists as it had appeared on National TV in Japan. Then for a short walk when we saw a number of Elephants – there are apparently 260 of the across London for the next month raising money for Charity.

So that was it...........another day in the life of the Sepia Set. Enjoy the photos below, they are in a random order.