Monday, 10 May 2010

Team visit to Battersea Childrens Zoo

It was a cold rainy Saturday morning...but the kids seem very happy!

We were wondering and were not very sure if we should go and see the childrens zoo, considering all of us considered ourselves adults! After doing lot of deliberations, we decided to go ahead. The sight welcoming us was wonderful with some really good bears on display.

And some black sheeps too....

These sheeps looked really concerned and were pondering over serious issues like climate change and stuff.

Came across a very happy looking monkey cum bear that appeared to be excited about a red tractor!

Suddenly an angry pork charged at me shouting choicest of appears this pork found out that I have developed a fondness for roast pork belly and I have it almost everyday for lunch. It was a now or never matter for this pork to save it's kind from me!

Then we met this strange looking pony...appeared to be a cross between a donkey and unicorn! But had beautiful eyes.

Shveta checking out the age of the animal...
And a very old rabbit...or so it seems. It was not very keen on meeting people and was enjoying a nice warm cuddle in the cold.

The Lindt bunny was also on display!

Had never thought in my wildest of dreams that I'll go and see a donkey at a zoo...these animals (including cows, pigs, sheeps etc.) are a part of general road traffic in India. I remember last December when FMB was meeting at GFC, the admin team took great pains to ensure no pigs and cows are found visiting the primises...but here you'd need to go to a zoo to get a glimpse of these endangered species! Wonder of wonders...should I envy the donkey!

And a beautiful ostrich with shining eyes (could give volunteers on HSBC marketing posters a competition).

Some meerkats from (pls excuse the funny colors...these meerkats were standing in a red 'limelite' and thanks to my camera for the yellow on red)

Some serious strategising and contemplation happening!!

And I missed the shot of a running 'big foot'...just when I thought I had the million dollar pic, the creature simply ran away...but you can see the foot prints...

Check out the lady's expression...and the kids too...seems like 'big foot' doesn't come here too often...might be one of those rarest of rare visits...

And this monkey couldn't stop himself from similing all the a new meaning to 'say cheese'...

It was time to go and all these bears were very happy to see us leave...waved us good bye and hoped we never come back!

And we called it a day at the pub!