Saturday, 27 March 2010

Photos of Serpentine Lake Birds

I am not an ornithologist by any stretch of imagination. I usually look at birds from the perspective of how they will look on my plate or how should I cook them. But still, saw several different types of birds at the Serpentine. Here’s the full slide show with bigger resolutions. Some of the expressions were truly humanlike.

Those beady eyes were eyeing me inquiringly like. Well? are you excited to see me or is that bread in your pocket? Dig it out, dude.

Such a shady character, just look at that sly expression.

Busy busy busy, places to go, seeds to peck

Get a move on!

They look so regal and majestic, no?

No respect from these damn seagulls for the Royal Parks Constabulary!

Nor do the Horse Guards get any respect from these feathered rats.

Peck Peck Peck, they seem to be doing synchronised pecking.