Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chasing the ladies

It's official. I am a technology retard.

You would not believe the amount of time it has taken me to simply upload a couple of pictures to this flaming blog and comment on them...Facebook it ain't.

Let's start with chasing little old ladies. Doesn't everyone?

I was hiding behind trees and all sorts trying to get just one decent shot of these two together. And this isn't it.

Loving editing my photos afterwards by the way. So what if you don't believe the grass was actually this green (clearly, it wasn't)...Changing the hue is crap whenever you have a face in the frame because everyone goes bright pink, but when their backs are turned, I say it is fair game. Take that, purists!

The next fella, well, all I can say is he was HUGE. My photo doesn't really do him justice (no pun intended). In colour, he's wearing the standard-issue neon yellow jacket which was clashing with Buckingham Palace in the background and the gold of the gates - what do you think of the pic in B&W?

And then we have annoying, albeit cute, children hailing bread down upon unsuspecting ducks and pigeons. Not so much "Making a difference" (as was the photography theme of the day) rather "Causing an avian hemorrhage".

Calm now you may say, but poised for attack...

And a fat duck. Not from Bray.

Highlight of the day was the Baileys the waiter put in my hot chocolate at Henry's near Green Park. Awesome. Still more work to do on better photos. I keep showing up to our gatherings so watch this space for improvements.